OSCES for Finals

  • Professional development

    Personal & Professional Development

    Miss Haynes has come alone and asked to see one of the doctors in the clinic. Her father, Mr Haynes, was diagnosed with unstable angina two months ago for which he has been taking treatment.

  • nasogastric tube insertion

    Nasogastric Tube Insertion

    This is a simulated model of a patient. The patient is being prepared for surgery and you have been asked to insert a naso – gastric tube. Demonstrate and explain how you would do this.

  • Male Catheterisation

    Male Catheterisation

    This is a simulated model of a male patient who is in urinary retention. Insert a urinary catheter into the model showing your understanding throughout the procedure.

  • Abbreviated Mental State Examination

    Abbreviated Mental State Examination

    Mr Brown is a 67 year old gentleman who has been referred by his GP because of memory problems over the last 6 months. Please perform a mini mental state examination using the 10-point scale.

  • cranial nerve examination

    Cranial Nerve Examination

    Lisa Collins is a twenty five year old woman. Please examine her cranial nerves numbers V, VII, IX, X, XI and XII and report any abnormal findings.

  • Chest Pain History

    Chest Pain History

    Mr Davidson a 55 year old gentleman has been presented to the Medical Admissions Unit complaining of chest pain. Take a history from him.

  • abdominal exam

    Abdominal Examination

    Mr Green is a 65 year old gentleman with 3 week history of intermittent abdominal pain. Please examine the abdominal system to establish the physical signs and attempt a differential diagnosis.

  • Inhaler Technique

    Inhaler technique

    You are working in a GP surgery and you have been asked to see Ellie whose asthma has recently worsened. Ellie has come to the surgery to see her GP about her changing condition. After the consultation the GP has asked you to explain and demonstrate inhaler technique.