OSCES Obstetrics

  • hpv


    You are about to meet Georgina West, a 26 year old woman whose mother has cancer. She has come to see you as she wants to know if she can have the HPV vaccine.

  • stressinc

    Heavy Menstrual Bleeding Management

    The Management of heavy menstrual bleeding & the levonorgestrelreleasing intrauterine system (LNG-IUS)

  • endometriosis


    A 24 year old nulliparous women attends for follow up after a recent day case laparoscopy for dysmenorrhoea and dyspareunia. She was found to have moderate (stage III R-AFS) endometriosis.

  • smearresult

    The Abnormal smear

    A 38 year old, nulliparous woman with previously normal smears is referred to the colposcopy clinic with moderate dyskaryosis. Explain the significance of this result and outline initial treatment.

  • Uterine Balloon

    Uterine Balloon Therapy System

    You will be provided with a THERMACHOICE III uterine balloon therapy system and asked to describe the component parts, describe how it is performed using the supplied uterine model, its indications, its effectiveness, possible side effects and contraindications.

  • Domestic Violence and Pregnancy

    Domestic Violence & Pregnancy

    Felicity comes to the antenatal day clinic with unexplained abdominal pain. The GP has written that this is the third time this month and he can find no cause. He has asked for the hospital’s advice…

  • deathreview

    Clinic review following a maternal death

    A filmed Successful Clinic Review scenario following a Maternal Death: You are about to see the husband in clinic, following the peripartum death of his wife. A fatal PE occurred on day 2 post caesarean section for maternal request.