About us

Exam Tube is another world class education resource brought to you by Dalton Square Medical – pioneers in medical training video material.


This site is being added to all the time as we transfer our extensive catalogue of videos, previously available in DVD format in most cases, to the internet. We have set this site up to enable you to purchase single videos or longer access to many videos depending on your preference.


Our filmed OSCES videos came about after examining candidates on MRCOG Part IIfilming revision courses. By and large most candidates struggled with the format and in particular with those stations that involved a simulated patient. As the actor got more and more into the role of bereaved husband or victim of a botched operation, the candidates seemed, to more and more, withdraw into their shell, unable to find the form of words and/or non verbal skills to deal with these difficult consultations.

Talking to candidates, it became clear that for many, this was the first time they had been assessed in these scenarios. Most had previously consulted alone in clinic and only a minority had had their consultation skills appraised on video. Unfortunately, it was very difficult in the time allocated, for examiners to give enough constructive feedback so the candidates could build on their strengths, rectify any weaknesses and so be successful in the exam. With these video resources we hope to go some way to resolving this problem for MRCOG candidates.


In nearly all cases we have provided additional pdf material with OSCE for the MRCOG key points, marking guides and other relevant material.


Please contact us if you have any queries at all and we hope your learning goes well!