• hpv


    You are about to meet Georgina West, a 26 year old woman whose mother has cancer. She has come to see you as she wants to know if she can have the HPV vaccine.

  • ONTD


    You are about to meet Ms Jane London who underwent normal delivery of a live male infant 2 days ago at a gestation of 38 weeks…However, the baby was born with a large open lumbo-sacral spina bifida.

  • haemophilia


    You are about to meet Sally Walker who is in your antenatal clinic having just had a dating scan showing that she has an ongoing 12 week pregnancy. This is her first pregnancy and she has opted for the combined test for Down syndrome, and a detailed scan.

  • pelvicpain

    Pelvic Pain

    You are about to meet Louise Cook who has been referred by her General Practitioner for pelvic pain. Obtain a relevant history and discuss investigations and her treatment options.

  • postoppe

    Post Op PE

    Mrs Kumar collapsed suddenly earlier today after recent surgery. You have just reviewed her on ITU. She has asked you to speak to her husband and has given her permission to discuss her case. Discuss the post operative management of Mrs Kumar and answer any questions Mr Kumar might have.