OSCES for MRCOG (Chinese Subtitles)

  • Heavy Menstrual Bleeding Management

    Heavy Menstrual Bleeding (with Chinese Subtitles)

    Tracy Cook is a 38 years women who has been referred by her GP with heavy menstrual bleeding. The referral letter states that tranxamic acid was initially helpful but her periods have since hot worse. Take a history and outline her treatment choices. On the table you will be provided with a sheet of paper, a pen, a placebo LNG-IUS and a model uterus.

  • infertility

    Couple Referred for Infertility (with Chinese subtitles)

    Mr and Mrs Jones have come to see you in the general gynaecology clinic. You have no notes available but the clinic sister has been able to give you a print out of their results, which are all normal except for a progesterone of 18 picomol/litre, as well as the previous clinic letter from another registrar who organised the investigations…

  • Uterine perforation chinese

    Uterine Perforation Complicating ERPC (with Chinese subtitles)

    You are about to see a patient who you operated on. She underwent suction evacuation of the uterus under general anaesthesia, laparoscopy (following uterine perforation) laparotomy and suturing of the uterus. It has been 36 hours since you performed the operation.

  • Stress Incontinance (Chinese Subs)

    Stress Incontinence (With Chinese Subtitles)

    The management of a 35yr old P1 woman who presents with symptoms of stress incontinence 9 mths post partum, having had no improvement from physiotherapy.

  • Gynae Case History

    Gynaecological case history (with Chinese Subtitles)

    The examiner will discuss with you the case history and care of a gynaecological patient. The relevant clinical information and questions will be presented to you by the examiner in four parts…

  • Clinical Risk Management

    Clinical Risk Management (With Chinese Subtitles)

    The examiner is Medical Director of your hospital. You are the Lead Consultant for the Labour Ward, and you have been asked to brief him on an obstetric case for which your hospital is being sued for professional negligence.

  • Domestic Violence & Pregnancy Chinese subs

    Domestic Violence & Pregnancy (with Chinese Subtitles)

    Felicity Brown has two children aged 3 and 5 and is 30 weeks pregnant. Felicity presents at the ante-natal day clinic via her GP with unexplained abdominal pain.

  • Booking visit Simplified Chinese

    Booking visit of a 17 year old cannabis user (With Chinese Subtitles)

    The booking visit of a 17 year old woman P1 (adopted) who is a cannabis user.

  • VBAC request with Chinese subs

    Maternal VBAC Request (with Chinese Subtitles)

    Maternal request for a VBAC following 2 previous LSCS in Low Risk midwifery led unit with simplified Chinese subtitles

  • comm skills with Chinese subs

    Communication Skills (with Chinese Subtitles)

    This video “How to troubleshoot your communication skills” shows a sequence of exercises subtitled in simplified Chinese, to help you prepare for effective communication in your MRCOG exams.