OSCES Structured Viva

  • casehistory

    Gynaecological Case History

    The case history and care of a gynaecological patient. The relevant clinical information and questions will be presented to you by the examiner in four parts

  • Uterine Balloon

    Uterine Balloon Therapy System

    You will be provided with a THERMACHOICE III uterine balloon therapy system and asked to describe the component parts, describe how it is performed using the supplied uterine model, its indications, its effectiveness, possible side effects and contraindications.

  • Communications Skills

    Communication Skills Troubleshooting

    A series of simple filmed exercises to tackle diminished breath, resonance and speech clarity in your communication.

  • Structured viva – Clinical Risk Management & Shoulder Dystocia Complications

    Clinical Risk Management

    In this scenario the examiner is Medical Director of your hospital. You are the Lead Consultant for the Labour Ward, and you have been asked to brief him on an obstetric case for which your hospital is being sued for professional negligence.