OSCES Role Play

  • hpv


    You are about to meet Georgina West, a 26 year old woman whose mother has cancer. She has come to see you as she wants to know if she can have the HPV vaccine.

  • ONTD


    You are about to meet Ms Jane London who underwent normal delivery of a live male infant 2 days ago at a gestation of 38 weeks…However, the baby was born with a large open lumbo-sacral spina bifida.

  • haemophilia


    You are about to meet Sally Walker who is in your antenatal clinic having just had a dating scan showing that she has an ongoing 12 week pregnancy. This is her first pregnancy and she has opted for the combined test for Down syndrome, and a detailed scan.

  • pelvicpain

    Pelvic Pain

    You are about to meet Louise Cook who has been referred by her General Practitioner for pelvic pain. Obtain a relevant history and discuss investigations and her treatment options.

  • postoppe

    Post Op PE

    Mrs Kumar collapsed suddenly earlier today after recent surgery. You have just reviewed her on ITU. She has asked you to speak to her husband and has given her permission to discuss her case. Discuss the post operative management of Mrs Kumar and answer any questions Mr Kumar might have.

  • infertilitycouple

    Couple referred for infertility

    Mr and Mrs Jones have come to see you in the general gynaecology clinic. You have no notes available but the clinic sister has been able to give you a print out of their results, which are all normal except for a progesterone of 18 picomol/litre, as well as the previous clinic letter from another registrar…

  • cannabis_user

    booking visit of a 17 year old cannabis user

    The booking visit of a 17 year old woman P1 (adopted) who is a cannabis user. She has already met her community midwife and the referral to you simply states that she smokes cannabis and that she had a normal birth at 35 weeks gestation two years previously.

  • screening_pass

    Antenatal screening pass

    You are about to see a woman in ANC who has just had a first trimester scan. The nuchal translucency is increased, increasing the risk of T21 to 1 in 20.

  • endometriosis


    A 24 year old nulliparous women attends for follow up after a recent day case laparoscopy for dysmenorrhoea and dyspareunia. She was found to have moderate (stage III R-AFS) endometriosis.

  • labourward

    Labour Ward

    You are the labour ward Reg arriving for work in a level 2 unit (obstetric and neonatal) delivering 3500 women per year…

  • smearresult

    The Abnormal smear

    A 38 year old, nulliparous woman with previously normal smears is referred to the colposcopy clinic with moderate dyskaryosis. Explain the significance of this result and outline initial treatment.

  • screening_fail

    Antenatal screening Fail

    You are about to see a woman in ANC who has just had a first trimester scan. The nuchal translucency is increased, increasing the risk of T21 to 1 in 20. She is a Para 1 + 1 26 year old women with no past medical history of note. However her son has cerebral palsy…

  • hypothyroidism

    Hypothyroidism in pregnancy

    You are about to see a 28 year old primip with treated hypothyroidism (secondary to Hashimoto’s thyroiditis) in the antenatal clinic. It’s a booking consultation. Describe your management for the pregnancy and how you would counsel the patient.

  • POS

    Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome

    A 28 year old nulliparous woman with a 2 year history of primary infertility is referred by her GP to the Gynaecology Out-Patient Clinic. The GP has performed investigations which show classic appearances of PCO.

  • Maternal VBAC Request

    Maternal VBAC Request

    You are the registrar in antenatal clinic and your patient is a 40 year old Para 2, with a history of two previous caesarean sections, performed in another hospital.

  • Domestic Violence and Pregnancy

    Domestic Violence & Pregnancy

    Felicity comes to the antenatal day clinic with unexplained abdominal pain. The GP has written that this is the third time this month and he can find no cause. He has asked for the hospital’s advice…